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My name is Mirjam and I’m lucky enough to be a professional reader. As of now. In real life – whatever that may be – I’m researching for and writing a PhD thesis and teach English Literature courses. Sometimes I’m a translator, too. I love words and I love literature and always try to connect both in what I do. A true philologist. A lover of the word. Caught in the brambles is my digital playground, a place to combine my academic with my creative side. It is where I share my ideas on words and literature (Things Written) as well as my own writing (Written Things); systematically in the widest sense, rather randomly at closer inspection, 'caught' for a moment 'in the brambles' of interest.

As of 2020, I've also started to add some non-verbal input (Without Words). Entangled with the rest, of course. Make of that what you will.


E-Mail: caughtinthebrambles(at)

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